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     This website is a portfolio of my creative work. The designs being presented are my intellectual property and thus copyright Shane Rowse.


     As is the inherent nature of any lighting designer's portfolio, the work of far too many actors, designers, directors, and other artists to mention is contained within the photographs here. The work of those artists, of course, remains their own.

     I have not attempted to provide performer credits, nor have I attempted to provide production credits beyond those for directors and scenic designers, for the images in this portfolio. Requests for information about productions specifics are welcome and will be answered to the best of my ability.

     Similarly, I have not attempted to provide photo credits with individual photos in my portfolio, but will provide them here:

     The painterly-looking photo that serves as the title page for my Lighting page's slide show was taken by Darren Sextro. It's a low resolution cell phone photo of the TOS preset for A Streetcar Named Desire. The painterly feel of the photo isn't a product of work in photoshop, it's just a little blurred because of the cell camera dealing with the low light level.

    All photos that fall chronologically before Picnic, with the exception two of the photos from Nobody Lonesome for Me (taken by Jason Coale) are my own.


      All photos from Kansas City Actors Theatre shows are credited to Brian Paulette (with the exception of the full-stage photos from A Moon for the Misbegotten, which are mine).


     The photos for the Spinning Tree production of Fiddler on the Roof were taken by Brian Paulette.


     All photos from Musical Theater Heritage shows are credited to Tim Scott.

     The photos of Spinning Tree's The Turn of the Screw were shot by Manon Halliburton.


     The photo from the Coterie's Elephant & Piggie was taken by David Golston.


     The photos from Not About Heroes are mine.


     All photos from The Unicorn were taken by Cynthia Levin, (except for the one from Informed Consent that doesn't have any actors in it, which is mine).


     The photos from Owen/Cox Dance Group's Love Songs, What Keeps Mankind Alive, and Morena were taken by Elizabeth Stehling.


     The photos from Belfast Girls at the Fishtank were taken by Brian Paulette.

     I don't know who shot the photos of Spamalot and Kindertransport at the JCC White Theatre.

     And, of course, all of the photos in the "Photography" section are my own.



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