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“(A brief, glowing aside: the lighting design is great! Shane Rowse does exceptional work here, coating the set in the stark blues and stretching purple shadows of a moonlit night. His look for the end of the play is just as striking: rosy morning light dips the Hogan’s dilapidated cottage in cold romance.)”

-        Cook, Liz. “On the Kansas City Actors Theatre’s troubling (and troubled) production of ‘A Moon for the Misbegotten’.” The Pitch. 20 September 2018.

“Shane Rowse’s lighting, from the soft candle glow of a romantic evening to the brightness brought to a harsher scene, adds dimension to the story’s telling. … KCAT has given this classic play, with its many themes and complicated characters, a staging of clarity and note.”

-       Hirsch, Deborah. “KCAT takes control of A Streetcar Named Desire.” The Pitch. 13 September 2016.

“Perhaps the most important contribution comes from Shane Rowse, whose lighting design cloaks the stage in modulated gloom — just dark enough to create a credible sense of the macabre.”

-        Trussell, Robert. “Spinning Tree Theatre’s ‘Turn of the Screw’ is frightfully good”.  The Kansas City Star. 20 October 2015.

“Making a particularly potent contribution is Shane Rowse’s lighting design, which is by turns vivid and nuanced.”

-        Trussell, Robert. “‘Fiddler’ works its will in thoughtful Spinning Tree production”.  The Kansas City Star. April, 2015; retrieved from, 11 June 2015.

“…Shane Rowse’s lighting, nuanced and precise…”

-        Trussell, Robert. “Horses, gods and dreams collide in Living Room’s production of ‘Equus’”. The Kansas City Star.15 March 2015.

“The lighting is also arresting. Shane Rowse's moody, suggestive colors and complex cues provide much-needed texture and nuance to a minimalist set.”

-       Cook, Liz. “The Met’s ‘Ragtime’: minimal sets, maximum feeling.” The Pitch. 04 June 2013.

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